Fresh Ingredients. Gluten-Free Options. Bold Flavors.

The Bolay Fresh Bold Kitchen menu is crafted to inspire us all to live a healthier life. Each one of the menu items is 100% gluten free, and seasoned with signature recipies to create a quality Bowl or Wrap experience. Bolay's fresh bowls are the perfect blend of health, flavor and fuel for your day. With all the quality menu items made fresh inside our restaurants every morning, Bolay's culinary flavors are layered to create a winning combination every time. Everything on the menu is made with love. This is an allergen-friendly restaurant, where everything is 100% gluten-free. We want all our guests to feel welcome, and to enjoy the freshest selection of healthy food possible. 

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Chef-Inspired Healthy Bols


Lemon Chicken Bowl

Dive into our Lemon Chicken Bowl where zesty meets best-y. Healthy vibes with that citrusy high-five – get ready to spoon up some sun! Savor the perfect blend of dark meat chicken, served in authentic lemon glaze, served atop a bed of fluffy steamed Jasmine Rice and Herb Pesto Noodles. Freshly prepared with quality healthy ingredients, this dish is 100% gluten-free and delicious!

Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

Our tender dark meat Teriyaki Chicken Bowl takes you on a Japanese joyride. Dive into health, flavor, and a Tokyo twist – it's a foodie passport with every bite, complemented by a generous serving of Forbidden Black Rice and Asian Sweet Potato Noodles. This Bowl is a nod to traditional Korean and Japanese flavors, taking us all on a healthy and authentic 100% gluten-free adventure!

Miso Tofu Bowl

Ready for a Miso mission? Tofu tales from around the globe land right in our Miso Tofu Bowl. Hand-cut silken tofu cubes are roasted daily and mixed in a savory and sweet miso-infused glaze, paired perfectly with a chopped kale salad and fresh pesto noodle! The Vegetarian Miso Tofu Bowl is a tasty meat-free option is perfect for the conscious diner.

Spicy Thai Shrimp Bowl

Spice surfers, assemble! Our Spicy Thai Shrimp Bowl dances to a Bangkok beat. Juicy shrimp, a hint of heat, and a Thai-style treat. Succulent shrimp meet a fiery blend of traditional Thai spices. This Bowl captures the essence of Thailand's vibrant flavors, combining perfectly seared shrimp with a medley of fresh Spinach & Almond Salad and tender Japchae Sweet Potato noodles. Drizzled with a spicy, zesty sauce, this bowl promises an unforgettable taste experience that transports you straight to the bustling streets of Bangkok. 

Roasted Salmon Bowl

Dive into deep-flavor seas with our Roasted Salmon Bowl! Ocean's bounty is the star - a perfectly roasted slab of salmon with a golden crust and melt-in-your-mouth interior. Paired with a symphony of fresh greens, grains, and a hint of zesty shwarma seasoning, this dish embodies a balance of flavors that's both wholesome and 100% gluten-free. Sourced from the clearest waters in Peru, our salmon not only offers a delectable taste but also a boost of Omega-3 goodness. Experience the luxury of fine dining in a bowl, capturing the essence of the ocean's bounty with every bite!

Steak Au Jus Bowl

Bonjour to boldness! The Steak Au Jus Bowl is where gourmet goes global. Prime cuts of steak, tender and juicy! Every bite of the steak is a testament of true quality, as our perfectly roasted steak is complemented with savory jus. Served with healthy fresh vegetables and grains, this bowl is both a feast for the eyes and the palate, perfect for the foodie in all of us. The Steak Au Jus Bowl is the charm of classic steakhouse dining, all within the comforts of a single 100% gluten-free bowl.

Chef Inspired Healthy Wraps


Lemon Chicken & Kale Wrap

The zesty Lemon Chicken Wrap, a vibrant fusion of tender chicken infused with tangy lemon undertones, tucked inside a revolutionary gluten-free wrap. Crafted with a wholesome blend of tapioca, almond, and chickpea flours, our wrap promises not just a delightful taste but also a 100% gluten-free indulgence. Fresh flavor meets healthy fast-lane dining, enjoy it today!

Teriyaki Chicken & Rice Wrap

Unwrap a world of flavor with our Teriyaki Chicken Wrap, where succulent chicken bathed in a sweet and savory teriyaki glaze meets the convenience of on-the-go dining. Every bite takes you on a journey to the heart of Japanese culinary magic, all neatly contained within a 100% gluten-free wrap. A healthy wrap full of flavor, without compromise!

Miso Tofu & Kale Wrap

Dive into our Vegetarian Miso Tofu Wrap, where silkly hand-cut tofu cubes take a miso-flavored dip and party with crunchy veggies and kale salad in a gluten-free wrap! This isn't just food; it's fun on the go. Whether you're a veggie-veteran or just tofu-curious, this miso-happy wrap will twirl your taste buds in a dance of pure delight. Ready to unwrap the fun?

Shrimp & Black Rice Wrap

Spicy Thai Shrimp up your life! Enjoy this deliciously tangy and spicy wrap with a hint of Forbidden black rice mystery! This gluten-free wrap is a rollercoaster of fresh flavors – juicy shrimp, nutty rice, and a sprinkle of spice. Quality and quirkiness, all wrapped up. Grab, go, and get your Bolay groove on!

Roasted Salmon Wrap

Dive deep into the wrap waves with our Roasted Salmon Wrap! We're bringing ocean-fresh flavors wrapped in gluten-free goodness, served with our Spinach & Almond Salad and fresh veggie of the season. Healthy food for on the go? You bet your fins! Get hooked on health and taste!

Steak Au Jus Wrap

Steak your claim on the best flavor town! The Steak Au Jus Wrap is here: a prime cut of steak with a rich au jus in a gluten-free wrap of awesomeness. Ready to roll with top-notch quality and that fresh-off-the-grill vibe? It's carnivore couture, 100% gluten-free and served with the veggie of the season, to-go style.

fresh flavors

fresh flavors

family packs

Family packs

You don’t need a special occasion to order Bolay. Whether you’re feeding a small family or a massive crowd, Bolay can give you a break from the kitchen and help you provide a flavorful, nutrient-rich meal that's 100% gluten-free and healthy for everyone.
  • Family Meal (Serves 4-5)

    • 3 Bases or Veggies
    • 1 Protein
    • 1 Sauce
    • 1 Add-On
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healthy catering

healthy catering

Build Your Own Party with Ala Carte Catering Platters to fuel the crowd, or quickly select from our pre-composed Chef Bols and Party packs!

Catering Platters

Looking for a healthier option to the classic catering options? Bolay crafts delicious and healthy bols for your guests with our catering platters! You're in the drivers seat - pick and choose from our selection of bases, veggies, proteins, sauces, and add-ons to provide an ala carte spread that’s fresh and bold.
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