How a Passion Project Became the Bolay Brand

Chris Gannon, CEO and cofounder of Bolay (along with his father, Tim Gannon) wanted to do more than simply create a restaurant. He wanted to create a lifestyle brand. Through listening, researching, taste-testing, and experimenting, he sought out the talent and developed the ideas necessary to bring about the boldest, freshest brand in the fast-casual dining market.

When we created Bolay, it was to bring something truly unique and different to the marketplace

Chris Gannon, CEO and Founder

As a world-traveler, Chris has tasted international cuisine from professional kitchens and friendly homes. He knows what makes flavors great. After years of listening to people describe just what they wanted and craved from their food, Chris finally realized what the restaurant scene urgently needed—a brand that believed in excellent food fueling an active and amazing lifestyle. Bolay may be fast-casual dining, but its extraordinary and nutritious fare sets it ahead of the pack.

Bolay’s business model, mission, and vision are rooted in the same dedication to excellence that has always motivated Chris as an entrepreneur. It’s also paired with a spirit of fun that is apparent to guests as soon as they walk in the door. The name Bolay combines the restaurant’s signature dish (the “bol”) with the interjection “Olé!” to evoke the excitement around the brand, good health, and great living.

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Chris comes from a tradition of restaurant innovators and big thinkers. His father (and Bolay cofounder) Tim Gannon founded Outback Steakhouse in 1988.

Armed with ambition and purpose, Chris reached out to talented people in the business—people like Chef Martin Oswald, a Wolfgang Puck protégé—to design nutrient rich, exciting, and flavorful menu of kale, brussels sprouts, quinoa, and premium proteins.

The fresh and bold food, the friendly faces, and the exceptional service would bring in guests and keep them coming back for more.

the bolay way

Today, Chris’s vision is very much a reality. The “Bolay Way” has come to embody everything that makes dining great—community, health, passion, flavor, and service.
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