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Pembroke Pines - Hiatus Rd.

151 N Hiatus Road, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026

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Monday – Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 11am – 8pm

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Bolay Pembroke Pines is on a mission to build a Rockstar team, 1 great team member at a time. A growing brand leaves plenty of room for our team to grow and blossom with endless opportunities inside the restaurants or in our support center. Our leadership team dedicates their time and energy to creating an impact in the local community and to their teams. 

So whether you are looking for a career or a stepping stone to get through college Pembroke Pines Bolay has a place for you and is committed to making this the best job you can ever have.

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Named after the numerous pines indigenous to the area, Pembroke Pines is a small town with the appeal of a big city. Its community is characterized by numerous leisure opportunities and cultural activities to keep you busy. With a small-town feel, the area boasts a warm and welcoming family-friendly locale.

Living in Pembroke Pines offers residents a suburban feel with numerous coffee shops and parks. With its warm temperate climate, activities in Pembroke Pines run the gamut from camping, canoeing, and birding to golfing, ice skating, to shopping and even taking a flying lesson. Bolay’s Pembroke Pines restaurant is at the center of healthy living in this unique community, where you can enjoy the taste of fresh and bold ingredients.

Pembroke Pines Bolay Fuels Residents with Fresh Flavor

It is the suburban vibe of this south Florida city that makes it an ideal location for Bolay. Our bold, fresh flavors fit in perfectly among the best restaurants in Pembroke Pines. Dedicated to making the most of the natural beauty just outside their doors, the residents of Pembroke Pines can enjoy the flavorful alternative offered in a friendly atmosphere.

In keeping with the healthy lifestyle of many Pembroke Pines residents, healthy eating is becoming increasingly popular. That makes it a perfect location for the newest fast-casual restaurant sensation in south Florida. Residents are attracted to the fresh flavors, bold tastes, and healthy ingredients that make Bolay stand out. Bolay has also captured the resident’s attention with its healthy menu and vegan and vegetarian offerings, busting the myth that healthy, good-for-you-food is boring.

Our mission to prove that healthy food can be craveable is evident in the intentional way we season our proteins, develop flavor in our sauces, to add-ons that enhance the flavor layering in every bol. In fact, the tempting vegetarian and vegan options offer a variety of choices for those who don’t eat meat.

Bolay Catering Brings the Party Home

If you can’t get to the Bolay location in Pembroke Pines, we can bring the flavor of Bolay to you, wherever you are. Our catering choices include Build Your Own Bols or Build Your Own Party to tempt the palate of your guests. Add a selection of beverages, including sparkling water, fresh-brewed iced tea, and fresh-squeezed juices and fresh-baked cookies to round out the meal.

Whether catering for an office event or a party, if you choose Build Your Own Party, your co-workers or guests can build their own bols from an array of proteins, bases, veggies, add-ons, and sauces. With Build Your Own Bols, you can provide a selection of chef-crafted bols, or let your guests choose their own large or small bol. And, of course, cookies.

It’s a busy and stressful world we live in these days, which means you may not always get a chance to cook a healthy meal for your family. If you find yourself leaning on unhealthy fast-food to fill the gap, we can help. Our Build Your Own Family Pack let you give your family a fresh, flavorful meal made from the healthy ingredients you’d use if you were making it yourself.

And for those extra special events, consider Bolay Lux. This option is great for weddings, graduations, galas and any other special event you can imagine. Our chef can craft recipes based on world-class flavor combinations suitable for any occasion.

The Bolay Experience in Pembroke Pines

The Bolay experience elevates fast-casual dining by embracing the wholeness of food before your plate hits the table. We provide quick and delicious food that tastes like everything that makes food great – community, health, passion, flavor, and service.

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