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Bolay Miami Lakes is on a mission to build a Rockstar team, 1 great team member at a time. a growing brand leaves plenty of room for our team to grow and blossom with endless opportunities inside the restaurants or in our support center. Our leadership team dedicates their time and energy to creating an impact in the local community and to their teams. 

>So whether you are looking for a career or a stepping stone to get through college – Miami Lakes Bolay has a place for you and is committed to making this the best job you can ever have.

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One of the youngest cities in Miami-Dade County, Miami Lakes embodies its motto “growing beautifully.” Indeed, in the years since its incorporation in 2000, the town has certainly had a glow up like no other. It has never lost sight of its mission to strive for innovation while providing the highest quality of life for its residents and visitors.

The town is an early example of the New Urbanisms movement that stressed walkable shopping, dining, and residential areas as well as plenty of neighborhood parks. In fact, Miami Lakes has one of the most unique park systems, with a total of 101 parks in a 6.5 square mile area. This puts a park within walking distance of just about every neighborhood.

Bolay is known for its build-your-own nutrient-rich menu, which goes well with the healthy lifestyle embraced by the Miami Lakes residents. Bolay’s vision of fast-casual restaurants that offer craveable, nourishing, nutritious, and wholesome food to their local community goes with the dynamic lifestyle of Miami Lakes.


Developed to create a sense of community and an active lifestyle, Miami Lakes is a perfect location for the fresh, bold flavors of Bolay. Whether you’ve enjoyed one of the many parks, played a game on one of the athletic fields, basketball or tennis courts, or merely enjoyed the outdoors in a relaxing park, we’re here to replenish you with fresh, nutritious ingredients.

Everything about Bolay is centered around a passion for living your best life. You can taste it in the food, you can feel it when you sit and enjoy a meal, and you can see it in the faces of our friendly staff. Our bols are created with fresh, bold ingredients selected with care and purpose. We believe that food can do great things for the mind, body, and spirit.

Miami Lakes’ intentional community-centric lifestyle goes well with Bolay’s creative food that supports an active lifestyle. We offer delicious food that we hope people enjoy, such as quinoa, kale, brussels sprouts, and proteins such as BBQ or Lemon Chicken, Miso Glazed Tofu, Pork Tenderloin, Spicy Thai Shrimp, and more. The movement toward a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle can be built one bol at a time.


Bolay’s mouthwatering blends of fresh ingredients, made with just the perfect amount of creative zeal, guests can put together a bol that is bold and spicy, or subtle and flavorful; whatever suits their mood.

At our Miami Lakes restaurant, we enjoy it when customers come in and order their favorite flavor combinations. But we know that’s not always an option in this busy world. You’ve got to run errands, you’re late for picking up the kids, there seem to be a million things you have to do before you can sit down and relax.

If you don’t have time to eat-in at the Miami Lakes location, we’ll prepare Bolay that you can carry out. You can choose the Build Your Own Party or Build Your Own Bol option. With the Build Your Own Party option, you pick the ingredients: bases, veggies, proteins, add-ons, and sauces. We set it up, and your guests get busy making their own bols. Or, you may prefer the Build Your Own Bols option. With this option, you choose a selection of chef-crafted bols to serve to your guests.

Add drinks such as fresh-squeezed juice or freshly brewed iced tea, sparkling water, and more. We also offer Stubborn Soda, available in classic flavors such as root beer, cola, and vanilla cream soda or pick something a little more out of the ordinary, such as citrus hibiscus orange, lemon berry acai, black cherry with tarragon, and pineapple cream soda. This fair trade, all-natural, farm to fountain soda is the perfect accompaniment to your meal. Add some delicious cookies to round out your meal.

We’ve even got a solution for that special event you have coming up. If you’re planning a graduation party, wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, family reunion, or any other special event, consider Bolay Lux. This gives you the option to choose chef-crafted, world-class flavor combinations that will make your special event the talk of the season.


The Bolay Way is truly a magical thing, more like a phenomenon than a restaurant. We emphasize the enjoyment of nutritious ingredients put together to make incredible flavor profiles. We create an atmosphere that elevates eating and turns it into an experience that highlights health, flavor, community, passion, and service.

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