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Things That Vegans Enjoy

14 Jul 2021

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Veganism has come a long way from being just a hippie thing. Now, it has become a lifestyle choice that’s completely mainstream. In fact, studies show that since 2014, there has been a 600% increase in those who identify themselves as vegans. Aside from the increased accessibility to a whole assortment of plant-based products, this tremendous change has moved countless restaurants to offer vegan options as well! In other words, it’s become much easier for people to make the switch from being a carnivore into a full-fledged herbivore. In case you’re thinking about making the switch yourself, check out these things that vegans enjoy:

A Healthy Heart

Did you know that vegan Gainesville diets lower the risk for developing heart disease by reducing your LDL, HDL, and Non-LDL cholesterol? As a matter of fact, the American Heart Association further confirmed that vegans have a 42% decreased risk of having a heart failure compared to others. Moreover, consuming plant-based diets also normalizes a person’s blood sugar levels which makes a significant impact on a person’s cardiovascular health.

Increased Productivity

According to research, a vegan Gainesville diet increases their productivity and causes them to excel at what they’re doing. Do you need a good productivity boost at the office? If you do, go vegan Gainesville!

Graceful Aging

A vegan Gainesville diet is your best bet if you’re after that youthful glow. In case you haven’t heard, consuming plant-based food can have an anti-aging effect on you because they’re packed with more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. These substances support radiantly glowing skin, great hair, and eyesight.

where is a good vegan gainesville?


Where to Find Gluten-Friendly Vegan Dishes in Gainesville

Vegan is definitely the new normal. If you’re looking to find tasty vegan dishes that are made from fresh, bold, and health-packed ingredients, check out Bolay’s online menu now!


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