Pork Can Be Part of a Healthy Diet

27 Jan 2022

Pork Can Be Part of a Healthy Diet

When it comes to proteins, pork gets a really bad rap. It has a reputation for being unhealthy and, indeed, is even against the laws of some religions (such as Islam and Judaism). But the fact is that pork that has been properly prepared can be a good addition to your healthy diet.

Although some folks refer to pork as “the other white meat,” pork is technical considered a red meat. A single serving (4 oz) contains 240 calories, with 60 mg of cholesterol and 480 mg of sodium (less than chicken, steak, or shrimp). It’s a great source of high-quality protein, as well as niacin, iron, zinc, and vitamins B6 and B12.

Benefits of Including Pork in Your Diet

As with any food, moderation is the key. However, adding some pork to your diet can yield the following benefits:

  • Maintaining Muscle Mass. As we grow older, we tend to lose muscle mass. The amino acids found in pork proteins act as building blocks for building new muscles. When consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, pork can actually slow or reverse the degeneration of muscle mass as well as help maintain the healthy muscle tissue you already have.
  • Increasing Muscle Performance. Carnosine is a chemical compound that is vital for muscle function. Pork contains the amino acid beta-alanine, which helps your liver produce more carnosine. This, in turn, can lead to lower fatigue and higher muscle performance.

Bolay’s Mojo Pulled Pork

Our mojo pulled pork is slow roasted is a marinade of fresh citrus and garlic, which gives it a fresh and tangy flavor. If you’re looking for a tasty way to eat healthy, then you can’t go wrong with our Havana Pulled Pork Bol (with jasmine rice, power bean, herb roasted potatoes, and fresh chopped cilantro). Or if you’re feeling bold, you can Build Your Bol and select your own greens, grains, and/or veggies to accompany your mojo pulled pork. Let’s face it—there are no wrong choices here.


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