Which Bolay Bol Fits Your Personality?

10 Oct 2019

Bolay steak au just bowl and teriyaki chicken bowl on a blue background next to a bottle of lemonade

Usually, when you think of a personality test, Myers-Briggs or the DiSC personality tests come to mind. Or, maybe you go by your horoscope. While there are many ways to look at your personality, few of them can give you a complete picture of yourself. But each can tell you something about yourself. Of course, everyone is different and has their own opinions, but we all have some things in common too. So, just for fun, let’s consider which Bolay bol fits your personality.

Vegan Bol: Compassionate, Caring, and Brave

Filled with Kale Yeah!, seasoned veggies, herb roasted potatoes, miso-glazed tofu, and minted tomatoes and topped with carrot ginger sauce, the chef-crafted vegan bol is filled with everything a vegan could want. Health, flavor, and just the right amount of protein. If this bol is your choice, you are kind, compassionate, and brave. You may also be a bit of a rebel, passionate about your beliefs, and determined to stand up for what you believe in. The vegan community is full of innovators (cheese made of cashews, who knew that could be a thing?), and you may be one of them.

Baja Bol: Laid-Back and Easy Going

Ah, the Baja bol, packed with the fresh flavors of its namesake. No anti-cilantro gene for you; you love the cilantro noodles that are the foundation of this bol. The jasmine rice, ginger broccoli, lemon chicken, and avocado just add to the fresh flavors. More cilantro? Yes, please, add that cilantro pesto. Your personality is laid-back and easy-going, as long as nothing gets in the way of your healthy lifestyle. You have a naturally positive attitude, are a quick learner, and your energy level? Through the roof. Nothing gets you down when you have your favorite Bolay bol to power your day.

Thai Bol: Adventurous Thrill-Seeker

If you’re craving tender baby spinach combined with cilantro noodles, seasonal veggies, ginger broccoli, lemon chicken, fresh cilantro and topped with spicy Thai sauce, then the Thai bol is for you. Not only are you as spicy as they come, but you’re also outgoing and adventurous, too. You’re eager to try new things, okay with taking some risks, you like variety and have strong emotions (and opinions). You show no mercy for yourself and others, even when playing a game for fun. The upside is your boundless curiosity, the downside is that you are sometimes easily bored.

Surf + Turf Bol: Balanced and Even-Keeled

Take a base of jasmine rice and Kale Yeah!, seasonal veggies, and balsamic mushrooms and add some spicy Thai shrimp and steak au jus, then top it with minted tomatoes and spicy Thai sauce. Now you’ve got the perfectly balanced Surf + Turf bol. If this is your bol, you are as balanced as the flavors you love. A little spicy, a little bit savory, and very grounded in reality. You like just enough adventure and not too much risk. You love trying new experiences but are always willing to revisit an old favorite.

Make Your Own Bol: You Go Your Own Way

You go your own way, no doubt about it. You like it spicier, or more savory, or more flavorful, depending on your mood. Sure you have your favorites – balsamic mushrooms are calling your name—but you also like to try new and different flavor combinations. Flavor layering? You’re all about it. Extra sauce? Now you’re talking.

Check out our menu and see which bol is right for you. Whatever your bol personality, we’re sure you’ll enjoy all the options we have to offer.


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