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Office Catering West Palm Beach

13 Apr 2020

Three aluminum catering trays from Bolay holding jasmine rice, mojo pulled pork, power beans medley, a cup of creamy garlic sauce, and a cup of freshly chopped cilantro

From lunch meetings to seminars and team-building activities, there is just no question on the convenience of having any of your corporate affair catered. Aside from convenience, there are a bunch of other advantages. Over the past few years, there has been a rise in demand for healthy office catering. This trend has driven catering businesses to add healthy options to their menu. The most popular request is a ‘DIY salad bowl’.

Why Office Catering Is the Best Option

Fresh Menu on Your Plate

Aside from fresh ingredients, I also mean a new variety of food served! We will always have our favorites but something we have not tried before is also good. It is good to branch out and try new things.

Saves on Time and Expenses

If you have any experience with feeding a large number of people, then you must know how much time meal planning takes. If you have no experience, then you do not have any idea on how much to prepare to leave everyone satisfied. Catering services know how much to prepare to satisfy everyone and meal planning is not an issue.

Less Stress and Responsibility

From meal planning, event set-up, clean-up and everything in between, you and I just both know the level of stress and responsibility that needs to be faced! Catering saves you from these worries.

Sets the Atmosphere

The food you choose to be catered says something about the company and your event. Serving healthy foods gives the impression that you care about the welfare and well-being of your employees and guests because they are your assets. It gives way to spark new conversations and discussion over healthy delicious foods.

Benefits for your Employees

In this economy, it might be hard for you to feed your employees with catered food regularly. But if you look at companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and even some start-ups, they have provided their employees with a variety of perks ranging from office catering to luxurious shuttle services. These companies have been massively successful and these perks might have a contribution to that!

Office Catering Boosts Your Employees’ Moral

Employees do not just stay at a company because they need a job, the workforce has evolved. One of the reasons why employees stay is because they feel loved in their workplace. If they feel like they are important to you and to the company, they will stay loyal. This will help lower the turnover rate of your core workforce. Employees who are motivated become good at what they do will only help your company.

Utilizes Time Better

Providing your employees with lunch saves them time from getting lunch or preparing their lunch at the pantry. It is a creative way of making them maximize their time working, knowing that there is lunch and they do not have to worry about buying or preparing.

Encourage a Good Company Culture

It is nice when your workplace feels like you belong to a family. A shared delicious healthy meal gives the feel of a family gathering! No matter how large or small your workforce is, everyone loves having conversations over good food!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Catering Company

With the number of catering services to choose from, it could be especially challenging to pick the right one that could meet your needs. You’ll need to consider many factors that could either make or break your event. If your job is to hire office catering for corporate parties, Bolay is your resource!


You should define your budget and decide to stick to it before you start looking for catering. Your caterer of choice is a critical budgetary decision because it can definitely influence how you spend on food costs and quantities. Furthermore, they should also be willing to offer packages that can meet your expectations.


Try to observe if the caterer is responsive or appears to be interested during your first conversation. Also, try asking if it’s possible for a menu to be tailored to your budget and taste. Furthermore, if your caterer is flexible in giving your individual requirements or have tried their best to understand your guests’ needs such as special diets, and more.

Licensing and Insurance

It’s extremely important for you to check if the caterer of your choice holds current insurance, liquor licensing, and health department accreditations. Without these factors, you could jeopardize the credibility and quality of the food being served.

Things to Consider When Planning Catering

Your office tells you there is going to be a catered event that you need to attend, which typically means giving up your lunch break. Instead of getting something healthy or delicious like you were intending, you are stuck sitting through a poorly catered corporate event thinking about what you are missing out on. Thankfully, office catering does not have to be like that anymore.

Offer a Wide Variety of Food

What makes any successful office party? A wide variety of unique and delicious foods! There is nothing worse than going to an office event and having to suffer through a narrow selection of boring and tasteless foods. When you cater your next office event, make sure to have not only different types of foods but also food that people want to eat.

Avoid Unhealthy Items

It isn’t always easy to get items people will like that are also healthy. Most people want to eat healthy and try to eat healthy but getting healthy and affordable options to cate tor a large crowd isn’t always easy. Thankfully, there are options available to people know that offers healthy catering for parties both large and small.


If you’re catering an office lunch meeting, you should be able to provide enough space for them to eat and take notes rather than have them balancing plates on their knees. However, if you’re planning to cater lunch for the whole office, you should be able to set up the food in an open space to promote the smooth flow of lines and prevent bottlenecks.

Choose the Right Menu

Everyone will find something good to eat if you ask them to select a meal in advance and have the caterer bring boxed lunches. This is especially helpful if you have co-workers who have dietary restrictions, preferences or food allergies. These days, it would be a good start to have vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, and low-fat options. Another option would be to prepare a buffet lunch with a variety of choices, allowing everyone to make his own plate.

Looking for Healthy Office Catering?

So if you think a catered healthy meal for your employees is beneficial for both the company and your employees, contact us today. Again, you do not have to do this every day, but it is the thought that counts. If you want an office catering West Palm Beach then we at Bolay got it for you! Contact us now to know more!


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