Healthy Catering Options From Bolay Kitchen Florida

29 Jun 2022

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As the pandemic recedes, long-awaited face-to-face gatherings are finally happening. From conventions and concerts to family reunions and weddings, people are smiling and hugging and eating together again. If you’re responsible for catering an event, you need to know the latest trends before you plan your menu because today’s best fare goes far beyond the basic “make sure vegans have options.”


2022 Catering Trend 1: Health-boosting ingredients


Vegans—about 6% of American adults—do need options, of course. More importantly, according to Nielsen, another 39% of people aren’t vegan, but emphasize eating plant-based foods. As an evolution of “clean eating,” this trend includes plenty of nutrient-dense options, which can support immunity and promote emotional well-being. Some of the most-requested superfoods include beans, berries, broccoli, brussels sprouts, chia seeds, forbidden rice, kale and sweet potatoes.


What is forbidden rice?

Also called purple or black rice, forbidden rice is so nutritious and exotic that Chinese tradition says commoners were forbidden from eating it; it was reserved for royalty. Indeed, the signature black-purple color comes from a pigment called anthocyanin, which has potent antioxidant properties. This rice is also exceptionally high in protein—one cup has 6 grams of protein (versus 4.5 in brown rice).


2022 Catering Trend 2: Bold, adventurous flavors


“When everyone was on lockdown, people explored more food,” says Thomas Whelan, Levy Restaurants' director of banquets, joking that he blames Trader Joe’s spices for the trend. “People have much more welcoming palettes to new flavors. … People want to experiment now with interesting, unique, regional flavors.”


Whelan might be joking about Trader Joe’s, but he’s not far off the mark. One great way to trim budgets—a widespread pandemic practice—but still enjoy bold, exciting flavors is to cook at home. And that’s how many chef-wannabes got turned onto sriracha, miso, mojo, chimichurri and other ingredients. With these adventurous attitudes, your guests expect more than a plain chicken breast (or slab of tofu, of course).


2022 Catering Trend 3: An elevated experience


The third big trend to consider is creating a delightful dining experience for your guests, whether you’re planning a board room luncheon or a 25th wedding anniversary party. “People are experience-starved and ready to be wowed,” says Dana Pellicano, vice president of global food and beverage for Marriott International. “They want food they didn’t learn to make at home—so less banana bread and more hand-pulled noodles.”


So where can you find healthy catering options?


Freshly prepared veggies loaded with flavor. Brag-worthy health-boosting ingredients. Layers of bold flavors. Mouth-watering prepared proteins. And so much more than a tired-looking buffet. You can get it all with catering from Bolay Kitchen, a Florida favorite. Let our catering pros help you set up an elevated dining experience, whether you need individual meals or a group buffet.






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